Nadine Rodriguez

A highly motivated Junior looking to explore the different fields and career options available to women in Tech such as Software Development, Data Science and Information Technology.

Today's Date:

January 6 - January 24 2020


Software Engineer Intern

Developed a peer-to-peer lending mobile application and integrated two Mastercard APIs and two Start Path portfolio company services. Responsible for coding the front-end and user experience of the product.

July - August 2019

CUNY Summer Corps

Data Analytics Intern

I was responsible for correcting 12 years of invalid/bad data in Excel. I also had to generate reports and program various SAS procedures such as PROC REPORT and PROC SQL.

August 8-9 2019

Capital One's

Developed a TrashBot in C++ that sorts trash, compost, and recycling materials using IBM’s Machine Learning models and an Arduino.

August 4 - August 9 2019

Capital One's

Selected as one of 40 students to attend Capital One’s Software Engineering Summit. Attended numerous workshops such as Machine Learning, AWS, iOS, Android, Bots and APIs.

May 2019

National Park Service
Web App

Developed and designed a full-stack web app that served as a National Park Service information kiosk using the National Park Service API. Implemented front-end using HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Bootstrap/jQuery; Back-end built with Django Framework

January 7 - January 24 2019

JPMorgan Chase & Co

Technology Strategic Intern

Technology for Social Good

Leveraged Agile methodology to design and build an in-house website for Youth Programs such as Girls who code, and All star code. Researched and presented analysis on regional STEM trends.